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pinPeaceforParisA SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE IPCC: The International Press Club of Chicago stands firmly and with unwavering resolve behind the citizens of France, during this, their darkest hour since WWII! There is no place in a civilized world for such barbaric actions, let alone in the very bastion of freedom, culture, and international good will.

Our hearts and prayers go out to you, one and all in this, your hour of loss! To all of you, we say…. Bon Courage….and .....Vive la France!

Wayne Toberman, President, IPCC

I often wonder how many of us wake up in the mornings, look in the mirror, and wish they were somewhere else doing something totally off the wall and having the time of their lives doing it!

When reality sets in, as you just about cut your throat with a razor while shaving, well, that’s generally where it all comes to an abrupt halt, and you finish getting ready for another day on the job, or prepping for whatever we normally fill our days doing.

As usual, the other morning, some 6 weeks ago or so, that’s exactly what happened to me for about the 100th or so go around, only I found myself doing something about it this time.

I decided then and there on a trip around the world!

We’re not talking a mega outlay of a trip here, but one on the cheap, if possible, with a fair number of stops and experiences built it for good measure.

Within days, the plan was hatched, frequent flyer miles were dedicated (by the way, British Air has some of the best FF miles deals out there today, and when tied to the points from a Diners Club account, it’s a win/win deal!), and the itinerary was incredible. Chicago….Seattle….Seoul….(with a possible side stop in the Philippines)….New Delhi….Kathmandu….London….Chicago!

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Wayne Toberman

President, International Press Club of Chicago


Wayne's Trip Around the World, Part 2

It’s finally time for Part 2 of my grand adventure to Korea and Turkey.

In all honesty, I must profess, that after 10 days in Korea, I am more bewildered by what I encountered and experienced than I have been about nearly any other country I either visited or lived in my entire life….including the Korea I had the good fortune to visit twice about 12 years ago.

This bewilderment has in fact, led to delaying this article’s completion.

In keeping with our policy to promote the positives of a story as opposed to the negatives, which seem to be the accepted journalistic norm, after reviewing my notes once, twice, and again, I knew my work was cut out for me.

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