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Monthly Visiting Guest Speaker Luncheons Featuring The American Author….Our Re-accreditation…and PHOTOKINA 2016!

Amidst our Nation’s current state of politically induced “IDEOCRACY” which marks or mars our times, we here at the International Press Club of Chicago, thought it was time for a change, at least for a few hours a month!

So, without “Political Spin”, rantings and ravings of this pundit or that, designed to directly or indirectly influence our views of the world at hand, we simply decided that the timing was perfect to begin our Summer 2016 IPCC Visiting Guest Speaker Program…

...a season which exemplifies the “GOOD” around us all by putting the spotlight for a few moments on the participants/presenters of our Summer 2016 themed programs highlighting the “Modern Day American Author”.

During these presentations, you will meet the authors in an intimate environment, who’ve come to our attention by the stories they bring to life thru their literary works, short stories, and poems, and learn of the motivating experiences which helped form the foundations of their works.

We began our Summer ’16 Program on June 16th with a highly charged, heartfelt verbal depiction of the latest published work by author, poet, soldier and de facto statesman by virtue of deed rather than voted position, or Act of Congress, James Garrett!

James is followed by one of Chicago’s Own World Class Authors and also a highly sought after National Talk Circuit presenter on the 21st of July at our IPCC luncheon at the Union League Club of Chicago, (there’s an active link to her information below and event registration).

August, as always, will be our mid-season membership meeting and mixer for those non-members and members alike, at our Administrative Center and Media Production facility at 629 West Cermak Road (very West Chinatown, or Pilsen, or Bridgeport, or….depending on who claims the area this month) Chicago. Only this time we’ve added in multiple presenters as well.

This meeting will also feature the lifetime works and personal industry insights of wire service photographers, one of which was also a photo editor now freelance photojournalist, which helped to visually define an era. Where better to present their works, but to all of you in a working studio setting!

September’s presenter is a New York based author heading in specifically to headline our last Monthly Visiting Guest Speaker Summer 2016 series event…but you’ll need to watch our site for more on him!

…PHOTOKINA 2016 Cologne, Germany (September): And lastly, to all of those 200+ foreign and domestic press clubs we enjoy reciprocity relationships with out there, following our recent Re-accreditation as a Press Organization by the City of Chicago, we proudly report that our team will bring multiple daily print and video reports from the floor of this year’s PHOTOKINA 2016 (the WORLD’S FAIR of PHOTOGRAPHY and the VISUAL ARTS) event, in Cologne, Germany, highlighting the latest, greatest innovations the show has to offer!

But more on that later! Since we plan on seeing you at one or all of this season’s events, have a safe and enjoyable Summer! And along the way, don’t forget to have a dog with MUSTARD…NO CATSUP (Da Chicawwgo Way!) with some very green relish (onions optional), at a CHICAGO CUBS Game!



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